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Criminal Defense in Sacramento

There are outstanding lawyers that practice criminal defense in Sacramento. Persons charged with a crime should always be represented by a competent criminal defense attorney who has a background in the criminal justice system and criminal defense law. Criminal defense laws are quite different than other legal areas. The dangers of being unrepresented for a crime might mean the difference between jail time or getting acquitted and being able to leave the courtroom a free individual. A criminal conviction can mean time behind bars, specified probationary requirements, restitution, and other collateral consequences.

There are advantages to hiring a criminal defense attorney instead of allowing the public defender to take on the case even though that lawyer will probably not dedicate the time to completely investigate what you are being accused of and present your best defense. The stakes are too high to not prepare for your criminal defense.  Even if the crime is relatively small, the effects of a conviction can continue to haunt those with criminal convictions for years. WIth public records available online, many employers now routinely run background checks on people they are considering for hire. This is certainly expected of schools, daycare centers, and nursing homes. However, most individuals don’t consider that the corner store, a neighborhood garage, and just about any construction job will require passing a criminal background check.

Teens accused of a crime should always have a reputable criminal defense attorney on their side during any and all court proceedings. Law enforcement, when interrogating suspects in a crime, don’t always follow procedure. Younger individuals often simply say what they think the police of sheriff wants to hear. Sadly, teens found responsible for crimes can be sentenced to juvenile detention centers, after facing adult charges. A conviction of an adult crime could also result in actual jail or prision time, and at the very least, adversely affect their public record.

Those seeking a criminal defense in the Sacramento area should contact an attorney with knowledge of the criminal justice system. The stress, confusion and emotional toll of any court proceeding can be overwhelming. Having someone there to fight for all of your legal rights is crucial after being charged with a criminal offense. Everyone is allowed to hire an attorney, of their choice, to assist in their defense. A public defender will represent anyone who cannot afford an attorney. The court generally decides who can and cannot afford an attorney.

The Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea can evaluate the specifics of your case and give legal advice pertaining to your defense. Everything you say to us will remain confidential. Call our Sacramento criminal defense lawyer at 916-601-9441 or contact us online.

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