Arrested During Spring Break?

Advice From a California Criminal Defense Attorney
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Arrested During Spring Break?

Spring break signals the start of good weather and great fun. It is also a time of year to travel, catch up on sleep, and most importantly, PARTY! For some, spring break partying leads to a little time in handcuffs. This unfortunate occurrence happens to way too many young spring breakers. Most of the time, alcohol plays a role. Public intoxication, DUI, and fighting in public are common charges that people arrested during spring break face.

It seems like every year law enforcement gets tougher on spring break activities. There is an increased crackdown on drinking at beaches, lakes, and on the rivers. These party spots are often where public underage drinking occurs. If you plan on heading to the water this weekend, be aware of the local laws and alcohol bans. Otherwise, a mug shot might be your most memorable spring break picture this year.

Arrested During Spring Break?

So far this year, law enforcement has made hundreds of arrests related to spring break partying. Many arrests were for underage drinking, drinking where it is prohibited, and public intoxication. In a social media post on March 17, 2018, the Okaloosa Sheriff’s Department posted an image of a group of teenagers on their way to jail after being arrested during spring break. Their charges, underage drinking.

It may seem like a lot of fun to drink and have fun when you are too young but the consequences can be severe. Having to explain an arrest or a criminal conviction on a college admissions application or to a potential employer can be embarrassing and can also mean that you don’t get in or you don’t get hired. Have fun on spring break, but make sure you obey the law.

Tips to Avoid Getting Arrested During Spring Break

If alcohol is not allowed on the beach where you are going, don’t bring it.

You might have a nice set of breasts that you like flashing to the world but keep your bikini top on if you are in public. You might get arrested for indecent exposure.

If you are at a bar or restaurant, there are no alcohol sales allowed past 2 a.m. Don’t try to beg the bartender to give you just one more.

Law enforcement can crash your house party if you are causing too much noise or where minors are drinking. Chill out and make sure your neighbors are cool with you having a party if things get loud.

Don’t fight. You will probably be arrested if the police get involved.

I was arrested during spring break, what do I do?

If you were arrested during spring break, contact a criminal defense attorney. You may be able to escape jail time or have your charges dismissed or dropped. If you are arrested for DUI, contact a DUI defense attorney immediately. You only have 10 days to contact DMV to request an administrative hearing. This is important if you want to try to save your drivers license.

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