Child Custody Mediation in Sacramento

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Child Custody Mediation in Sacramento

Child custody mediation in Sacramento is conducted by the Sacramento Family Court Services. When there is a change in circumstances that warrants a change in the timeshare of the involved children or a new custody case has been filed, child custody mediation will be a requirement before a hearing on the matter except where emergency circumstances exist and an Order to Show Cause hearing is held. Child custody mediation in Sacramento may also be avoided where the parents are able to come to an agreement regarding legal and physical custody of the children.

If you are ordered to participate in custody mediation, you are not allowed to have an attorney present during the mediation session. If you have retained counsel for your custody matter, your attorney will prepare you for your child custody mediation appointment. The purpose of mediation is to facilitate an agreement between the parents. This is most beneficial for the involved children because the parents, rather than a judge, make the decision on who your children will reside with on specific days and times. Sometimes, an agreement between the parties is not possible.

If you are unable to reach an agreement, your child custody dispute will be heard in the Sacramento family court. The mediator will prepare a mediation report and provide the judge with a copy. The report will contain the mediator’s recommendation. The judge often adopts the mediator’s recommendation unless one or both of the parties present issues that convince the judge to deviate from the mediator’s suggestions. If you do not agree with the child custody mediation report, you can voice your concerns to the family court judge. If you have a Sacramento child custody attorney, your attorney will speak on your behalf.

If one party does not agree with the child custody orders, the objecting party can set the matter for trial. A child custody trial can be a long and expensive process. At this point, your child custody lawyer may be able to facilitate an agreement with the other parent. This will benefit both you and the other parent. During a trial, you will be given the opportunity to present evidence that supports your claim for custody. The judge will make a final decision at the end of the trial. If you are facing a child custody trial, you definitely want an attorney on your side.

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