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Stay Out of Prison in California

Have you ever spent time in prison in California? Regardless if you have or not, you definitely don’t want to go or go back. You may think you are a law abiding citizen that would never end up in a California correctional facility. Most people don’t think they have any chance of going to jail or prison. The fact is, there are unfortunate situations where individuals are charged with crimes they did not commit. The person may be guilty of something but definitely not what they are being charged with.

A recent documentary, Survivor’s Guide to Prison, outlines the injustices that occur in the modern day criminal justice system in the United States. If you have not seen it, you should watch it and pay particular attention. Whatever your political affiliation is, you will be disturbed. If not, well then you might be a criminal justice scholar or a criminal defense attorney well acquainted with the facts.

An article in the Wall Street Journal, You Commit Three Felonies a Day, reviews how the average citizen in America commits up to three felonies a day, often, without awareness. You may think this is not the case but in reality, it is. Ignorance of law is, generally, is not a defense. You might escape or you might be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Do you know what to do if you are put in that position?

The documentary, Survivor’s Guide to Prison, reveals that you might get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time and find yourself facing some serious charges that carry heavy sentences. The enlightening documentary focuses on murder charges that carry 25 to life in prison. Imagine how many people might be brought up on other felony and misdemeanor charges. Their hope is with the criminal defense attorney they hire or are appointed counsel by the court due to indigency. That’s right, if you are accused of a crime and you can afford a criminal lawyer, generally, you are going to have to pay.

Check out the documentary and let me know what you think. If you have questions, give me a call or contact us online. The Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea provides criminal defense representation to individuals that are being investigated or have been accused of a crime in California. Assert your right to a criminal defense attorney and call our California criminal defense attorney right away.

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