Can I Get a Divorce on Facebook?

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Can I Get a Divorce on Facebook?

Social media is an important part of our daily lives. Maybe not for everyone but most people use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to get news and keep up with people they know. We have all have seen drama posted on these sites. Heck, some people just keep coming back for the drama. Sometimes, it is entertaining and other times it is simply annoying.

Attention seekers flock to social media to feed their need for inquiries and sympathy from others. You know these kinds of posts, “I can’t believe that just happened. You’d never believe it!” Then all the comments asking what is going on. Or there is the, “I’m so done!!!” Then all the, “What’s wrong sweetie?” inquiries. Then there is social media and divorce. Going through a divorce can make things really awkward for the dissolving couple and others who witness the social media divorce trial.

Can I Get a Divorce on Facebook?

Some people seem to think so. When a couple gets married, they usually combine everything including friends. When things start to go south some people want everyone to take their side so they start posting about their marital issues in hopes of getting everyone on their side. The thing is, a divorce should be between the two spouses and not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Your social media friends cannot help you file for divorce, negotiate a marital settlement agreement, or decide your child custody situation. If they can represent you, retain them but just know that they will advise you to keep everything related to the dissolution of marriage off of social media.

The reason for not posting your divorce issues on social media is not just because it puts some people in an awkward position. Posting about your divorce on social media can damage your case in many ways. This becomes especially true if you have children together. In a child custody case, the court considers whether each parent will foster their child’s relationship with the other parent. So if you are posting what a terrible parent the other is or make untrue statements, it can possibly be used to show that you will not encourage your child to have a good relationship with the other parent. Also to consider, your kids may go back and read your social media posts years down the road.

Things You Should Definitely Not Post on Social Media During a Divorce

  • Untrue statements about your spouse.
  • How much you hate your spouse.
  • Threats of violence or property damage even if you say you are joking.
  • Child custody issues
  • Child support issues
  • Spousal support issues
  • Who is getting the house
  • Property division issues
  • Pictures of you spending money or taking lavish vacations.

What Can I Post About My Divorce on Facebook?

If you are looking to get back at your spouse or make them feel terrible about the broken marriage, posting the details of your divorce on Facebook is probably not going to accomplish much. It can actually make things worse. For the most part, divorcing spouses do not like to hear how good the other is doing. So, perhaps, instead of posting how crappy of a husband or wife the other was, trying posting about how great you are doing now.

Join a gym, post pictures of your progress. Start eating more healthy or cooking wonderful meals and posting pictures. Connect or reconnect with friends and expand your support group. You can accomplish this without sharing all the juicy details of your divorce on Facebook. Just tell them about the new you and what you are doing to move on and be happy again.

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