How To Avoid Getting Shot By The Police

Advice From A Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney
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How To Avoid Getting Shot By The Police

How to Avoid Getting Shot By The Police

As a Sacramento criminal defense attorney, I take criminal investigations very seriously. It is concerning when someone is shot by the police in Sacramento. If you have watched the videos of the Stephon Clark shooting, it is definitely hard to see exactly what happened. There is one thing I know about this incident, if you don’t have all the facts and evidence, you cannot make an accurate judgment on who was at fault. People often like to buy into the media hype or jump to conclusions because another unarmed suspect was shot by the police. The fact is, sometimes the suspect is at fault and sometimes law enforcement acts unreasonably.

I am not here to tell you who was right or wrong in the shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento. What I am here to tell you is how to avoid getting shot by the police in Sacramento, California. You do have rights that are guaranteed by the constitution of the United States and the California Constitution but those rights might not always be helpful when you are confronted by law enforcement in Sacramento.

Tips To Avoid Getting Shot By Law Enforcement

1. Don’t Run! If law enforcement attempts to stop you, do not, under any circumstances, run from the police.

2. Drop Your Weapon! If you have a weapon, drop it. If you have anything a law enforcement officer might perceive as a weapon, drop it. Better safe than sorry. If an officer thinks you have a weapon and feels threatened, they will shoot you and figure it out later.

3. Don’t Be An Asshole! The police do not like assholes. they may draw their weapons on you. If they think you are an asshole and do not comply with their demands, you just might get shot.

4. Don’t Talk To the Police! If law enforcement thinks you may have committed a crime, do not talk to them. Tell them you are exercising your 5th Amendment rights and want to speak with your lawyer. You likely will not be able to talk your way out of it if the police think you have committed a crime.

I Was Mistreated By Law Enforcement

Were you mistreated by law enforcement? Speak with a Sacramento criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer can file you file a complaint with the law enforcement agency. You might not think this will do much but it actually is a good move to make if you were really mistreated by law enforcement. The involved officer(s) will be investigated. The complaint will be added to their personnel files at the law enforcement agency. When you are accused of a crime and you allege some sort of officer misconduct, your criminal defense attorney can file a Pitchess Motion with the court. This type of criminal prosecution motion let the court know that you believe the officer mistreated you and want to see their personnel file to see if the involved officer(s) have a history of complaints about the same or similar conduct. This information could be used to discredit the officer(s).

I Was Arrested and Am Being Charged With a Crime

So you managed to avoid getting shot by the police but have been arrested for a crime. The prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed the crime you are being charged with. If you listen to my advise above, the police do not have a statement from you that they can use against you. Let’s sit down and discuss the incident and come up with your best defense. Perhaps you were wrongfully accused or the police engaged in conduct that could result in evidence getting tossed out. At least you are still alive and have managed to escape being shot by the police in Sacramento.

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