Violation of a Child Custody Order in Sacramento

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Violation of a Child Custody Order in Sacramento

I frequently get asked what someone can do if the other parent is in violation of a child custody order in Sacramento. Many people think that if one parent is in violation of the custody order, they can call the police and the police will come and take care of it. The fact is, law enforcement officers rarely respond to child custody disputes unless it involves domestic violence or legitimate kidnapping. They often respond to DVRO calls, but that is not a custody dispute.

So, what do you do when the other parent is in violation of a child custody order in Sacramento? It really just depends. If the other parent is constantly 1-5 minutes lates picking up or dropping off the kids, there is probably not much you can do. Being fashionably late seems to be acceptable these days, although not encouraged.

But what if the other parent is really in violation of the Sacramento child custody order? Your recourse depends on the custody violation. Is the other party committing some kind of abuse? You can seek a domestic violence restraining order. If your claim is legitimate, you can get a temporary restraining order granted on the same day you go to the family court. What if the other party consistently doesn’t pick up the kids when it is there time? You should keep a journal of the dates and times this is occurring. It can be very helpful.

You have the option of filing a contempt of court for child custody violations. It is best if you can use a journal that you have kept to prove to the court that it is an ongoing problem. Contempt of court charges are serious. There are criminal penalties available. The party accused of contempt may be entitled to an attorney at no cost. So if you are bringing a contempt motion for violation of a child custody order in Sacramento, you want to make sure you have enough to persuade the court to rule in your favor.

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