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3 Common Reasons for Filing for Divorce in Sacramento, California

There exists a plethora of marriage-improving assistance out there available from those whose job it is to mend a salvageable relationship. Marriage and Family Therapists. Psychologists. Counselors. Pastors. Priests. There is also a quite a bit can be learned from those who are summoned when irreconcilable differences surface in a marriage: divorce lawyers. Why are people filing for divorce in Sacramento?

Sacramento divorce lawyers constantly deal with love gone south and we don’t mean on a vacation to Mexico. Divorce lawyers are dealing with common trends that result in failed marriages. Justin McCrea sure has. In his experience working with those involved in failed marriages, the Sacramento divorce attorney has many versions of love gone bad. Here are 3 common reasons those seeking a divorce in Sacramento call me so you can avoid brooking trip to Splitsville.

1. Not Seeking Help For Anger Management or Depression Issues

Refusing to seek help for mental health issues is a common issue involved in many divorce cases in California. Mental health issues range from anger management to inattention to depression and many more. Men often struggle because they don’t like to seek mental help — this really confirms the presence of stigma that surrounds those seeking assistance for mental health issues. Many women also have mental health issues and they often fail to seek help.

2. Financial Issues

They say, money doesn’t buy happiness. But it can relieve some stress and provide for a comfortable lifestyle in the right amount. But, yeah, having too little money is really a problem in marriages. Men often have an expectation that they will be the provider for their family. This may not always be the case. Some families sacrifice, the mother, a potentially higher or equal earner, stays home to attend to domestic duties while the husband vows to support the family. As a result, the family misses out on dual incomes or greater income potential.

This is definitely a problem for many couples. There is often no substantial benefit to the family with just the husband or wife working. Dual incomes can often provide better education for involved children, homeownership, new vehicles, vacations, savings, and investments. Some couples are ok with just one spouse working and that may be ok with them but may cause issues during a divorce.

One spouse’s infidelity can lead to financial issues.

3. “You Cheating Bastard!”

It may not always be the man cheating but it often is. Most women do not desire to get into relationships involving infidelity. Cheating starts at different times in relationships. Some cheaters were never monogamous while other cheaters may have only strayed once or twice. Was your spouse ever true to your or was it all just a bunch of lies and acting. People have different motives and reasons for having affairs. When a spouse discovers the infidelity of the other it is commonly irreconcilable.

Can you gain an upper hand when filing for divorce in Sacramento if one spouse is cheating? No, but you do have rights. If your spouse was taking financial advantage, the community is entitled to reimbursement. This often comes in to play where the cheating spouse was spending money on mistresses.

If you are facing the possibility of filing for divorce in Sacramento, California, you need a trusted advisor that can provide the direction you need during this trying time in life. You have rights and responsibilities that you may not be aware of. Contact the Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea if you need help determining if you should file for divorce in Sacramento.

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