How Do I Start the Sacramento Divorce Process?

Starting the Sacramento divorce process can be an extremely stressful event, especially for those not familiar with family law. This article will provide you with an overview of the divorce process in Sacramento divorce court. While this won’t eliminate the emotional stress of a divorce, it will help you navigate the legal side of the...
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Help With Divorce Documents in Sacramento

Are you looking for help with divorce documents in Sacramento? Thousands of people file for divorce in Sacramento County every year. Many of them attempt to do it on their own. Most eventually get through the process but did they do it successfully? Filling out divorce documents is not that hard. The difficult part is...
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Hidden Assets in a Divorce

When trust is lost, a marriage might fall apart. The lack of trust can complicate the divorce process. Weary spouses filing for divorce often wonder if the person they married is being honest in their disclosures. In some Sacramento divorce cases, this lack of trust may be legitimate as it is not uncommon for spouses...
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Family Problems in Estate Planning

People put off planning their estate for many reasons. Some because they just don’t want to think about departing this world. Others may put it off because of family problems and not knowing how to implement an estate plan that addresses family issues. Divorce and blended families are becoming more common. There are other family...
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Can I Get a Divorce on Facebook?

Social media is an important part of our daily lives. Maybe not for everyone but most people use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to get news and keep up with people they know. We have all have seen drama posted on these sites. Heck, some people just keep coming back for the drama....
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