Child Custody Change of Venue

Child Custody Venue in California

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Many people get confused with child custody jurisdiction and venue. There is a difference between venue and jurisdiction in California child custody matters. Venue in a child custody case generally pertains to the County in which the California child custody case is being filed or decided. Child custody jurisdiction refers to California state family court to make decisions regarding child custody. If you are facing a custody hearing and are not sure if it is being held in the right court, contact our child custody change of venue lawyer for a no-cost evaluation of your circumstances.

The California child custody change of venue attorney at the Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea can help you in deciding where the proper jurisdiction where your custody case should be heard. We can also help with changing the venue of your child custody case. If you and the other party can come to an agreement, we may be able to file a stipulation with the court. If not we may be able to file a motion for change of venue with the family court that issued the last custody order or the original court if the previous court’s order is being contested.  If you have a change in circumstances involving custody and visitation, give our office a call. We can go over your situation, determine what your goals are, and pursue your legal right in court.

What Does the Court Consider When Changing Venues in a Child Custody Hearing?

Generally, the most influential factor in determining the proper venue for child custody and visitation is where the child or children live and where the parent the child resides most with lives. The convenience of the parties also plays a role. The court ultimately determines best interests of the children. In a change of venue situation, the court may rule that holding the hearing in another county in California is in the best interests of the children involved in the custody issue. If you are seeking to move a child custody case to another court or are challenging a child custody venue change, call our child custody venue change lawyer for an evaluation of your situation.

How Long Will it Take to Change the Venue of my Child Custody Case?

Because the circumstances involved in a change of venue differ, we can’t give a general answer. If you can reach an agreement with the other party, you can file the agreement with the court and the venue change will likely be granted. Contact our office for questions about how long it may take to resolve your child custody venue issue.

Can I Change Venue at the Beginning of a Child Custody Case?

You are able to file a motion for change of venue in a child custody matter. This means changing the county court where the custody proceedings will be heard. In order for a court to grant the request to change courts, the family law judge will consider the convenience of the parties including witnesses. These witnesses may include child care workers, child protective services, where the child attends school. A California family court has the authority to exercise their discretion when deciding whether another venue would be more proper. The court generally looks to the facts of the case which, of course, is based on particular circumstances existing when the venue motion is filed. It is best to file the change of venue motion as early as possible after such circumstances for a change of venue arise.

Child Custody Venue Issues We Handle
  • Move to a More Convenient Court
  • Initial Child Custody Change of Court
  • Child Custody Modification Change of Venue
  • Child Support Change of Venue
  • Child Custody Change of Jurisdiction
  • Asserting Child Custody Jurisdiction
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No matter what issues you are going through concerning the venue of your child custody case, The Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea is here to help you assert your rights. Handling a change of venue in a child custody case on your own is probably not a good idea. Our change of venue lawyer is available for a no cost consultation to assess your situation and let you know what he can do for you. Call our child custody change of court attorney at 916-601-9441 or contact us online.