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Child Support

You may receive or be entitled to collect child support in California. You also may be the one that has to pay child support in California. The fact is, child support is not permanent in California. In most cases, child support ends when a child reaches the age of majority. When child support is set by the court, it is not permanent. A change in circumstances often results in an adjustment up or down. A Sacramento child support attorney can help you file a modification for child support. A family law attorney can also help you if you have been served with a request for change of order for child support and custody.

The Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea has experienced with child support issues related to increase and decrease of child support in California as a result of a change in circumstances. If you have family law issues, contact me directly. I will listen to what your current circumstances are, what your goal in the child support hearing is, and then I will discuss the options you have in going forward with your case. Whether you hire me to represent you for your entire family law case, your child support case, or whether you just need me for limited representation, I will listen and zealously pursue your best interests.

What Does the Court Consider When Determining Child Support?

One of the most influential factors in determining the amount of child support set by the family law court is the timeshare each parent is attributed to. Most of the time, timeshare is set by the family court in a child custody hearing. Sometimes, child support hearings are conducted in Sacramento child support court, separate from the custody hearings. Either way, the court may ask for an actual timeshare. In many circumstances, the actual custody and visitation time differs from the custody time ordered by the court. 

There are many other factors that are used to determine the amount of child support one party must pay and the other receive. In limited circumstances, one party may be temporarily excused from paying child support. The particular facts and circumstances of your child custody situation are likely unique. Contact a Sacramento child support attorney for an evaluation of your circumstances.

How Long Will My Sacramento Child Support Modification Take to Resolve?

Because the circumstances involved in most child support cases differ, the time it takes to resolve differs. Child custody and support cases generally remain open until the child or children turn 18. A change in circumstances can be cause to go back to court. Contact our office for more information on the timeline it may take to resolve your child support matter.

Is Family Law Mediation Necessary in Child Support Cases?

The parties involved in a family law dispute can generally come to an agreement and file a stipulation with the court. When there is a child support dispute and the parties cannot agree, the Sacramento family court will decide the amount of child support that is to be paid. Unless there is a custody issues involved in your child support case, mediation will not be required. If you have a question regarding child support or the Sacramento family court located at 3341 Power Inn Road in Sacramento, contact us.

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No matter what family law issues you are going through, The Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea is here to help you get through them. Handling your child support modification on your own is probably not a good idea. I offer a free telephone or in-person consultation to assess your situation and let you know what I can do for you. Call our Sacramento child support attorney at 916-601-9441 or contact us online.