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Divorce Mediation in Sacramento

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Sacramento Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you and your spouse are going to through a divorce, you both can save a great deal of time, headache, and expense by getting in contact with our Sacramento divorce mediation attorney. A professional divorce mediator is an individual who can help you and your spouse in resolving disagreements and conflict related to assets and debts, and spousal support. Apart from that, our Sacramento divorce mediation attorney is an individual who can help with the difficult decisions that have to be made when it comes to child custody.

It is wise to mediate a divorce because a divorce is difficult for everyone who is involved. It takes much less time to mediate a divorce than it does to go through a long divorce proceeding in court. Above all, it causes much less strain on your personal life. Studies have proven that a divorce can be as mentally stressful as a death. Really, a divorce is the death of a marriage, and any death causes pain and suffering. Working with an individual who is a professional divorce mediator has helped many people express their desires and wishes and reach an agreement they can live with. All of this takes place in a neutral environment. This is also a choice that is much more cost-effective than the cost of going through a divorce in court.

How Long Will Divorce Mediation Take?

The time it takes to mediate a divorce can depend on the different items that a couple needs to reach an agreement on. If both individuals are willing to make an agreement and are open to negotiating, the mediation process will occur more quickly. The process of mediating a divorce also depends on the number of assets that are held between the two individuals involved. If a couple holds numerous assets and also co-own a business, the mediation may take longer. Generally, mediated issues can be resolved within the course of a few months.

Why Is Mediation More Cost-Effective than a Hiring a Lawyer for a Divorce?

The average divorce can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000. The cost of mediation is much less. Mediation generally involves a consultation fee, hourly session fees, and hourly rates to draft the agreement and documents to file for divorce. The cost is generally dependent on how quickly you are able to reach a full agreement with your spouse. Our Sacramento divorce mediation attorney will help you reach an agreement you both can live with.

Why Mediation is Better for the Children

When children are involved, divorce takes on a completely and totally different face. Children are truly the most valuable individuals when it comes to a divorce; they love both of their parents, and parents want to be able to spend as much time as possible with their children. A long and drawn out divorce can cause children to take sides and it also causes children much-unneeded stress and heartache.

When two parents are amicable, it makes things much more easy on the child; it also helps parents to avoid a lengthy child custody fight. Our Sacramento divorce mediation attorney helps couples to resolve their issues and maintain a respectful and dignified relationship. Even when two people want to separate, if there are children involved, there is no way that they can be strangers. The best thing for them to do is work in a civil fashion, and divorce mediation is the first step.

Save Yourself the Heartache

Divorce mediation helps you to resolve issues that are important to you and your family. This includes things like assets and time spent with children. Apart from that, divorce mediation is a more economical and less stressful way to end a marriage. Divorce is never easy, but when you use a divorce mediator instead of a divorce attorney, you help things to end amicably and quickly.

Contact Our Sacramento Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you are filing for divorce in Sacramento, consider whether mediating your divorce is an appropriate alternative to litigation. If you are interested in keeping the cost of the dissolution of your marriage affordable and amicable, maybe you should give it more thought. Contact the Sacramento divorce mediation attorney at the Law Office of Justin Anton McCrea at 916-601-9441 for more information on how you can stay out of court and still get a divorce.